Jukola (15/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Country: FIN
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 1.
Distance: 13.46 km
Time: 71:29
Average HR: 183
Maximum HR: 191
so running first leg in a big relay again. nice!
running felt very good immediately after the start and i was able to run in the absolute top of the relay from the beginning. no problems at the first controls in the open forest. in the central part i was using other runners around me but had full control of what was going on. i had a short stop towards control nr 16, where the forking split up the pack. I think i lost 45 sec there and the contact to the lead. from that point i pushed very hard to catch up again. At control 24 we had caught them again. unfortunately i was not strong enough to stay with the best runners in the very physical last part of the leg and i lost some seconds. but nevertheless i am very happy with my performance.
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Jukola (15/06/2013) Jukola (15/06/2013)