Tyrol 6 Days 3rd Stage (29/06/2010)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Deutschnofen - Obernockberg
Organiser: TOL - LKI
Country: ITA
Discipline: Long Distance, chaising start
I started just a little more than 1 min down on the leader. Small mistake to nr 4, but clean race for the rest in the beginning. Michal missed to control nr 8 I could catch him. We had a parallel race until the butterfly where we had a different sequence. I run a good butterfly but did a small mistake to control 20. So when I came back I did not know if I was 1st or 2nd at that point. Towards the end of the following long leg I could see him again in front of me (he was some seconds behind after the butterfly but did a better route choice. In the end of the course I was a little faster and came into the finish with 30 seconds lead.
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Tyrol 6 Days 3rd Stage (29/06/2010)