Alpe Adria Cup and WRE

aac09_middle_routeNice long weekend in Regensburg and good competitions for me. I ran relay on friday, middle on saturday and long on sunday and i skipped the night sprint in town on saturday night. It went quite well. Together with Sandro and Matthias, we did quite clean races and won a very fast relay. The middle distance was held on a tricky map called "Rocks Paradise". The map scale was 1:7500 in order to keep it readable in a nice stony place. And as expected we had a hard time to find the controls in the middle of 1000s of large and small stones. I did just two small mistakes and managed to win the WRE some seconds ahead of David Schneider and Gernot Kerschbaumer. Todays long distance was very demanding physically. 13 km and more than 800m of climbing with some long and steep uphill parts made it hard for all partecipants. After 1 hour of running i realized that my preparation is still not good enough to run a long distance competition at the speed i want to. David killed the race and won with almost 6 min. I was second just some seconds ahead of Gernot.




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