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Written by Klaus Schgaguler   
Tuesday, 22 July 2008 21:05

Map RelayI will start with the analysis of the final competition in WOC, the relay. Michele came especially for this race to Czech Republic. We knew that we could do well with 3 solid runs. The terrain should suit us: steep slopes, good visibility and fast running. But our team had a quite bad start.

Michele running the first leg missed, lost the contact to the pack already in the first short controls and was almost 3 minutes down on the first radio control. From that point on he had a great race and was running at the same speed as the leading pack. So i started in 16th place little more than 3 minutes down on the leaders. Michele gave me the advise to take it easy on the first controls and so i did. Maybe a little bit to easy because i lost some time there. But then i had a very good race. I was running quite on my own until the second TV control where i caught Germany and Denmark. In the end i was still feeling quite strong physically, but i had a longer forking on the 3rd-last control and so i was last of this small pack to the finish. But then it was time for Misha to fight. Unfortunately he had not the best run and made some mistakes. So in the end it was just a 13th place for us, less than expected. I can not say that I'm really disappointed. My run was good, with the middle qualifier the best during the week. But still there is this feeling left, that we could have done better in this kind of terrain with this kind of race. But that's the game.

Congratulations again to the friends of GB for their fantastic victory!

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