6th at 10mila 2012: Sweden was worth the journey PDF Print E-mail
Written by Klaus Schgaguler   
Sunday, 06 May 2012 18:30


9th leg on 10mila 2012 for me. I felt well prepared for this job and also the final training on Saturday gave me a very positive feedback.

The best moment of the 10mila night for me is to wake up some hours before my start, when the relay is already in progress, search for the first computer and check the results. Everything can happen.

Actually I was not surprised when read that the boys where in the leading pack during 4th and 5th leg. Still it is a great feeling in that moment, the tiredness disappears and the night becomes day all of a sudden. Game is on!

What about my race? Öystain did a great job on 8th leg running away from the pack, and sent me out all alone. I could run my own speed and took it a little easy in the beginning in order to get the right flow. No problems at the first controls. On the short leg to control 5 I had the feeling the compass pointed me the wrong direction and got stressed. I decided to take the right route to nr 7 in order to change the compass while running on the road. So just focus and start over again. I really enjoyed the orienteering on the next couple of controls and had a good flow again. What a nice forest down there. Tried to take easy routes and push hard in the final part. I never met any other runner from my leg until I run up the last hill to the pre warning. IFK Göteborg was coming close. I thought: you are not going to catch me and pushed even harder until the changeover.

In summary I had a very clean race with no mistakes, maybe missing a little speed in the beginning.

Cool to run in this team. Thanks to everyone making this a day to remember.

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